Pep Amores

pep amores
Tech businessman, passionated about cinema, founded Distinto Films in 2007 with his partner Miriam Porté, having made up to now 5 productions, among them “El Gran Vázquez (2010)”, selected in competition in San Sebastián, and “Los niños salvajes (2012), winner of the Malaga Festival 2012. Currently preparing an international co-production on Balenciaga, with Julio Medem as director.

Teresa Arilla

teresa arilla
Madrid, 1972. Photographer and audiovisual director. He studied Film and TV Production at ECAM, Communication and Advertising at the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, Professional Photography at EFTI and graduated at CESMA, in marketing and business. After collaborating with internationally recognized photographers, in 2005 he created his own firm, where he develops his career in digital photography: social, advertising, events, architecture, press and stills in film and television shoots. He has given photographic coverage at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, Madrid International Film Festival – PNR and many other nationals.
He has worked in film shoots since 1999, including Victor El Leon’s “El elefante del Rey”, “Looking for Chencho” by Kepa Sojo, “Villa Mnemósine” by R. Salazar, “Tiempos Muertos” by David P. Sañudo , “Madres de Luna” by Alicia Albares, “II” by Belén Herrera de la Osa and “Space Mountain” by Víctor Nores. And TV1 series like “Serve and Protect”. She is a member of the Coordinator of the Spanish Cortometry, [ED + C] and the communication commission of the Barrio Theater. Selector of the Madrid Film Festival and Jury at the Vila-seca International Film Festival (Ficvi).

Ana Jardón

ana jardon
Bachelor of Science by City Universty of Washington in 1998, I start my professional career working in administrative / financial departments of several multinationals. Soon I realize that in these types of environments I do not feel comfortable so I do not doubt when, in 2004, I have the opportunity to make the leap to animation production in what at that time was Renderboy (later it would become Ilion Animation Sudios), for his first film: Planet 51 (2009). I start as Production Assistant and, over the years, I am evolving with the project, to finish as Production Coordinator.
In early 2011 I contacted Lighbox Animation Studios to join their first project Tadeo Jones (2012), where I was fortunate to continue planning their next two lengths: Capture the Flag (2015) and Tadeo Jones 2 (finishing shooting currently).

Jesús Monllaó

Jesús Monllaó
Director of fiction feature SON OF CAÍN, participated by TV3 and TVE. Released all over the Spanish state on May 31, 2013. 10 weeks on billboard. Most viewed Catalan film of 2013 and ninth Spanish film most viewed of the year in the Spanish state.
He has written, produced and directed three short films.
La Mirada Obliqua, short fiction, with 150 selections to festivals in Spain, France, Italy, England and Argentina. 20 national and international awards. Nominated to Goya 2002 for best short fiction.
Gloria, short fiction, with 60 selections in festivals. Fourteen awards at national and international festivals, including Best Film at the Lucania Film Festival (Italy).
The Legacy, short fiction, with 50 selections at festivals.

Toni Pérez-Portabella

Toni Pérez-Portabella is a professor of Audiovisual Communication specialized in audiovisual and multimedia production. His main field of research focuses on the design of information and the use of the synthetic image. He has collaborated professionally with several companies of radio, television and multimedia and has been coordinator of diverse workshops of audiovisual creation, professional seminaries and projects of innovation in the teaching. Among the prizes received more outstanding has been the winner of the Prize for Teaching Quality of the URV in 2012 in the individual and the Communication Prize of Tarragona 2004 in the Internet category.

Rubén Salazar

ruben salazar
Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1975. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Audiovisual specialty. Scriptwriter, storyboarder, director and producer, editor and post-production artist. Passionate about technique and art, work process optimizer, from preproduction to postproduction (forming, coloring, coloring, editing, FX), from storyboard to DCP. He has given several workshops and specialized training in cinema.
Ten years in different fields of digital animation, and several fiction short films with 86 international awards, as well as Oscars® and Goya awards, with “Daisy Cutter” and “Perpetuum Mobile”. He has recently directed “Nacer”, experimental short film, and “Villa Mnemósine”. Member of the Board of the Coordinator of the Spanish Short Film and Sponsor of the Madrid Film Festival – PNR, the Jameson Notodofilmfest, the Psicurt – Short Film Festival on Mental Health, and the Vila-seca International Film Festival. Jury at the Film Festivals, Ficti International and Zinexpress National.

Nacho Solana

Dossier Nacho Solana 140617
Nacho Solana is a young Cantabrian, director of advertising and short films. Graduated in Road Engineering by the University of Cantabria, he decides to train himself in what has always attracted him: the cinema.
Master in History and Aesthetics of cinematography by the University of Valladolid. Conducts studies of Film Directorate at the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of Madrid (ECAM). Specialized in Directorate of Actors.
Imparte Film Directorate at the European University of the Atlantic and directs the cinema school “The film in your hands” in Santander that created in 2013.
Nacho Solana is the coordinator of the Film Show and Creativity of the Botín Foundation.
He has directed six short films “La Cula” (2016), “Namnala” (2014), “Aptitudes” (2014), “Intercambios” (2012), “On my Mind” (2011) and # 7 (2008). They include more than 400 selections and 20 awards at festivals around the world.

Pedro Solís

Pedro Solís
With 30 years decided to leave the stability of a fixed place and was thrown to the video game sector. At this stage he met his co-workers and friends. Within the world of video game has developed different tasks, has been since 3D artist co-producer in numerous titles for PC and consoles.
Its beginning in the world of the cinema was of the hand of the short films of animation “Tadeo Jones” and “Tadeo Jones and the damned cellar”. The move to feature films made him as production director in the films of the Lightbox factory “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones” (2012), and the space adventure “Catch the Flag” (2015). He has recently worked as Production Director for Tadeo Jones 2, distributed internationally by Paramount Pictures.
With “La Bruxa”, his first short as director and screenwriter, he was awarded the 2011 Goya Award for Best Animated Short Film, and some other important awards. With “Cuerdas”, his second short as scriptwriter and director, he gets his second Goya in 2014 and a long list of awards with which he gets to enter the book Guinness Record as the shortest award-winning animation in history.

Pep Solorzano

pep solorzano
He is qualified superior of Modern Music and Jazz by the ESMUC (Superior School of Music of Catalonia).
Parallel to his career as an instrumentalist, he has developed training in the field of composition and new technologies that has led him to carry out numerous works related to the world of cinema, theater and television. The musical composition of thirteen feature films and several short films, among which he has received several awards, such as the IV Barcelona Film Prize for the best soundtrack for the film Young (Ramon Térmens – Carles Torras) or the nomination by the same reason at the III Gaudí Film Awards for the film Where is the tide nationalized? (Carlos Benpar). Other works done in film soundtracks are: Filmmakers against magnates (Goya Prize 2005 for the best documentary), Filmmakers in action (2006 Goya Award for best documentary), Stockholm, Blind Bullet, Losers, The Female Gender and The Party.
He has been the music composer in several TV series such as Dirty Dishes and The One for the Other, has been composer of different recordings and projects for TV3 in the program of the club Super3. He was commissioned to make the music of Piratas a la vista! (Publications of the Abbey of Montserrat)
He is an academic and founding member of the Academy of Cinema of Catalonia.
He is currently the director of the Vila-seca Conservatory and is finishing his master’s degree in Musicology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.